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As evidenced by our branding models; escorts; in-house photography team (more info in next tab); and this very site itself – Hexes only works with the best. This philosophy should certainly extend to our cards. And so, we wisely commissioned the services of a highly sought-after, experienced business card design company. The brief was (as always) ambitious and unique: we wanted to marry the witchy vibes of tarot decks, alongside the opulent, old-world aesthetics of banknotes; thereby really capturing the essence of Hexes’ classy exclusivity. The input, advice, and correspondence from our chosen collaborators was invaluable; their designs stunning and deliberate. They suggested a gold metal cardstock, and went to work customising bespoke elements from scrolls, Greek keys and guilloches, to occult geometrics, snakes and scripts.
All this culminating in the astounding little works of art below:

Inspired by the hauntingly brilliant works of H.R. Giger; Bill Elis; and Louis Boulanger – among others – we wanted a sculptural, undulating texture to go with our spooky-sexy theme. Hexes itself promptly drafted and vectorised some figure art for our collaborators, which was expertly implemented in the final work.

What’s more, owing to the cards’ metal construction, they can be disinfected and wiped down. Also, each one comes in its own plastic sleeve, making these some of the most hygenic, COVID-conscious business cards around.

Hexes wholeheartedly and unequivocally recommends seeking out our collaborator’s services for any such project. If you’d like to find out more about this top design company, feel free to get in touch.

You may have noticed our site is adorned with some cheekily enticing, very on-brand artwork; featuring several of the very best erotic models the industry has to offer. These beautiful visual pieces could not have been possible without the technique and know-how of our affiliated pro photographer, who’s equal parts passionate about, and skilled in his art.

Elevate your game.
Alongside this, like many (if not all) high-end, elite agencies, Hexes requires our escorts have at least some professional shots to properly communicate the calibre and class we represent. If you’d like to apply to join our agency, be sure to keep in mind the vital value of visual media.

Pandemic or no, we of course understand that booking, organising and undertaking a successful photoshoot can be a monumental task (we have a few nerve-wracking stories of our own!). But what if you could streamline this process, and take your portfolio to the next level at the same time?

Once again, Hexes has what you need…

Safe. Flexible. Affordable.
Maybe you fancy refreshing and updating your image, or perhaps you’re new to the industry and have no pro shots at all! Whatever the situation, if your profile needs an aesthetic pump – Hexes can link you to our aformentioned talented photographer. We will ensure you have an exciting, safe photoshoot experience, at very competitive rates. Best of all, you’ll receive a brand new, stunning series of artwork that really shows off your gorgeous self. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to request an appointment, and strike a pose!


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