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What is Hexes?

Our name may at first inspire caution; a kind of dangerous foreboding. And yet,

‘the cave you fear to enter, holds the treasures you seek.’

– Joseph Campbell

Our name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to our scintillating services: Hexes is an elite escort agency, specialising in conjuring addictive adventures in the exotic places of the world.

While our name was born of a happy accident (or perhaps less-than-divine inspiration…?), it was only natural that the theme then followed in its sibilant simplicity. What better imagery and language to evoke potent femininity, affluence, and exclusivity than the motifs of sorcery, and occult societies? Still, these cosmetics bleed into our philosophy, as Hexes prides itself on its discreet, discerning approach with everything from escort selection to planning encounters. So whether you’re overlooking the glinting lights of a megacity, or shimmering golden dunes – Hexes summons seduction to your door.

Is this all legal?

Yes. Is the short answer that hopefully puts your mind at ease.

While nothing is ever truly black or white, there are no current instances in the developed world where Hexes’ operations are against the law. To clarify our position, Hexes provides a bifurcated service:

For our girls – a platform on which select, elite escorts may be promoted. We also act as an efficient combination of promoter / PA / digital security, and oftentimes, confidant. This industry, while certainly glamorous, prosperous and definitely lots of fun, has its very unique issues and burdens. Hexes is proud to engage ethically and curteously with our escorts, which includes lending our support whenever needed.

For our clients – a showcase of the finest handpicked escorts from all over the world; and the opportunity to arrange unforgettable meetings with them. As with our escort component, we provide a level of security for our clients by accountably assuring professionalism. No ‘bait & switch’; no deceptions; no underhanded, nor illicit activity.

Hexes does not endorse, nor accept the exchange of monies for sex/sex acts. Similarly, while charging for the pleasure of spending their time with clients, our escorts perform all their respective services as of their own volition and discretion, not for a fee. The client pays for the privilege of spending time with their chosen escort(s). In turn for our promotion and matchmaking, Hexes receives a commission from this. Moreover, while Hexes gladly represents the escorts herein, they are self-employed; working as and when they choose, for the rates they choose.  Hexes does not provide drivers, nor accommodation, but a promotional and matchmaking service between consenting adults. Whatever may occur between them is entirely beyond the purview or business of this agency.

What is a Girlfriend-Experience (GFE)?

This enchanting experience is perfect for those seeking the alluring warmth of an elite escort’s presence.

Cities are unnatural. For all their high-energy, they can be cold as concrete and steel. For all those crowds milling about, lost in the hustle and bustle, they can be the loneliest of places. And sometimes, even the antithetical, exotic destinations are no better: you’ve paid a princely sum to isolate someplace where a fan is a prerequisite to breathe; you’ve no idea what is and isn’t edible. And you can’t even speak the language. Well done.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Like magic, having the right companion will be the difference between unforgettable, and lacklustre; between fun! and phew… This is where the GFE comes in. Imagine being joined by a tempting hottie with whom you can delve into any city’s intriguing nooks and crannies; to really feel the romance of this world’s unique, far-flung destinations, and have your breath taken in the best of ways.

So whether you’re in an unfamiliar city for business, but seeking pleasure; or need to plan a luxurious escape from just that kind of grind, what better way to explore new horizons than with an adventurous sweetheart on your arm? (Or shoulders, why not?)

This experience electrifies with the effects of a first date, or discovering a new love that just happens to be a stunner, too. Whatever you may decide to do together – posh nosh; shopping sprees; sightseeing sojourns – in public or private, your girlfriend(s!) will bewitch you beyond all hope with their cheekily cute company. 

What is a Pornstar-Experience (PSE)?

We are not suggesting the above amicable, personable traits cease to exist – since all our girls embody those – yet this experience summons an escort with more lascivious, carnal intentions and urges in mind. Maybe a fantasy you’ve always wanted to explore, or can’t wait to try again? The way they (un)dress; the way they speak, and move… Every ounce of these escorts drips temptation; with minds (among other things) open enough, and skills sharp enough to make your deepest desires a reality.

Once again, whatever occurs between consenting adults in private is the business of those parties; and not endorsed, and certainly not imposed by Hexes.

How do I book an escort?

Like many things in life, you must first know what you really want.

Hexes gives you a little helping hand, by taking the unique approach of dividing our escorts by experience offered. These are: Girlfriend- or Pornstar-Experience (abbreviated GFE and PSE, respectively). Visit the gallery which most appeals to you, or peruse both, if you’re unsure. Remember, the distinctions between, and perks of each type are detailed above.

Alternatively, if you would like our professional opinions/recommendations, our aforementioned diligent receptionist would be happy to lend a hand.

Once you have made your choice(s), give us a call, or send us an email, and furnish us with the preferred particulars of your meeting: duration, time, location (Incall, Outcall or Travel), and any potential special requests or requirements. Hexes will endeavour to fulfill each criteria as accurately as possible.

As per the disclaimer all visitors to this site must accept, it should indeed go without saying that we expect our clients to treat our receptionists and escorts with the same respect we will always show in kind.

It can be intimidating, we understand. Even just approaching a woman as beautiful as these in a bar, at a party – or in the street, if you’re some sort of Conan /Casanova hybrid – takes some cojones. It can also be tricky, when one is perhaps torn between stereotypes and taboos propagated by the confused, the ignorant, or the jealous; and our selection of salacious seductresses.

We know.

But we also know, that the time you spend with our escorts will be the cat’s meow, as it were; and the moment you contact our delightfully helpful receptionist, any fears will be swiftly forgotten.

Incall or Outcall?

This describes where you would like your meeting to occur.

Incall means the escort will host you at their place of residence, and Outcall means they will come to you. Some escorts do not offer both options, and will prefer either Incall or Outcall bookings.

Bear in mind that a number of escorts may be hesitant to visit private residences, especially for new clients. While this is not always out of the question, please be aware that requesting an Outcall to a private home may necessitate we take more steps to ensure our escorts’ safety.

What should I do when first meeting my escort(s)?

Of course, being cordial, exchanging pleasantries and perhaps a winning smile is a nice way to encounter your companion(s). Keep in mind, however, that the client is expected to hand over the agreed contribution, in full, upon first meeting.

This is necessary to initiate the meeting itself, which will likely be cancelled if this requirement is not respected.

Whether this occurs in public or private, a measure of discretion is preferred; oftentimes, clients fill a plain, unmarked envelope with their contribution, to either pass on to their escort directly, or place wherever the escort may choose.

Extended Bookings

For longer bookings – especially with new clients, and Travel bookings – we may require a deposit before proceeding. This is often required to actually proceed with more complex encounters, and helps insulate against any time-wasting flakiness, which our escorts should not have to endure. We of course understand issues may arise, and that appointments need rescheduling from time to time; in these cases, please extend to our escorts the basic courtesy of informing them – via our service – of any cancellations or changes to your meeting as soon as possible.


Hexes promises to keep all sensitive information confidential, for both clients and escorts. Our independently trustworthy receptionist has even elected to be bound by NDA – which may be viewed below – to underpin our commitment to privacy and discretion. You will never receive any unsolicited communication from Hexes.

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